In Gujarat,164 cases were enrolled on the to begin with day under the New Law

To begin with, the case of Gujarat was detailed at Chiloda police station

Police officers must adapt to modern laws: With the assistance of lawful specialists, most wrongdoings have been enrolled nationwide from Monday (July 01). Of these, 164 violations were enlisted in Gujarat at the beginning of the day.

Chiloda police station enrolled them, to begin with crime

To begin with, wrongdoing was enrolled at Chiloda police station in Gandhinagar. In any case, the police officers had to battle to enlist the wrongdoing beneath the arrangements of the unused law. Concurring to the unused law, the state’s wrongdoing was detailed at the Chiloda police station in Gandhinagar at one o’clock in the morning, to begin with the date. which was enlisted against the driver beneath Area 285 of the Indian Corrective Code.

Officers and staff had to cope

However, on the day of the execution of the unused law, the officers and staff of numerous police stations had to confront a few challenges, and the wrongdoing was enlisted with the assistance of specialists. In this respect, Burrow of Law and Arrange of Gujarat Police Deepak Meghani said that the operation has been moderately simple as the subtle elements of all the areas of the modern law have been transferred in e-Gujcop.

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