The Legend of Dhakkawali Meldi Mataji Temple in Morbi

Faith doesn’t require evidence, as with the Dhakkawali Meldi Mataji Temple located on Navlakhi Road near the railway station in Morbi. This temple has long been a center of devotion for locals, who believe it played a crucial role during the Morbi disaster. 

Saurashtra and Gujarat are home to various temples dedicated to Meldi Mataji and Lord Shiva, each with unique names bestowed by devotees. The Dhakkawali Meldi Mataji Temple stands out for its deep-rooted significance and the unwavering faith it inspires.

A Sanctuary of Devotion

Devotees from surrounding villages and districts visit the temple to fulfill their vows to Meldi Mataji. The temple is especially known for its grandeur during Navratri, a nine-day festival organized to support mass marriages for girls from economically weaker sections.

The temple’s charity work encourages generous donations from devotees. Many offer vows and receive blessings, often symbolized by offering ‘tavo’ (a traditional form of thanks) to Mataji.

Dhakkawali Meldi Mataji

Historical Significance and Miracles

Local lore bolsters the temple’s reputation, especially during the devastating Morbi floods. While much of Morbi was submerged and devastated, the temple remained untouched, strengthening the locals’ faith. Originally a small shrine, the temple’s growth into a magnificent structure was funded entirely by devotees’ donations.

Charitable Initiatives

The income from the temple’s donation box supports various programs, including educational resources for underprivileged children and animal welfare. The temple also facilitates mass marriages, using collected funds to support brides from needy families. 

Devotees regularly participate in the temple’s grand ‘maha aarti’ and other services, feeling a sense of divine fulfillment. 

The Name ‘Dhakkawali’

The temple’s unique name, ‘Dhakkawali’, comes from the historical practice of pushing trains up a gradient near Navlakhi port, reflecting a blend of local history and spiritual heritage.

A Modern Devotional Hub

In today’s digital age, while the world is accessible at our fingertips, things like faith and devotion remain deeply personal and spiritually significant. The Dhakkawali Meldi Mataji Temple continues to be a beacon of faith, attracting thousands seeking Mataji’s blessings and fulfillment.

On every full moon and Sunday, many devotees visit the temple to offer ‘tavo’ prasad and participate in the grand aarti, finding peace and fulfillment in their prayers. The temple remains where faith triumphs over all adversities, continually drawing devotees to its sacred grounds.

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