Gujarat: Police Inspector and Associates Charged with Assault at Gadoi Toll Plaza

Police Inspector R.A. Bhojani of Kodinar police station, along with 20 others, has been booked for attacking staffers at Gadoi toll plaza in Gir Somnath district yesterday.

The charges include attempted murder, rioting, looting, and violations under the Arms Act.The case was filed following a complaint by toll plaza manager Rajesh Chhaiya, who was injured in the attack.

Police confirmed that the entire incident was captured on CCTV. According to Junagadh SP Harshad Mehta, the altercation occurred around 4:30 pm when Bhojani arrived at the toll plaza in his SUV.

Junagadh SP Harshad Mehta

An argument ensued between Bhojani and the toll plaza staff regarding toll tax payment after Bhojani displayed his ID card to avoid paying. Senior toll plaza staff intervened and initially resolved the issue. However, a few hours later, Bhojani returned with 20-22 people in three SUVs and assaulted two toll plaza staff members, including Chhaiya and Bhavesh Tatmiya.

Rajesh Chhaiya, the toll plaza operator, recounted the incident. “A black Scorpio vehicle arrived at the toll plaza, and the occupants showed an ID card, leading to a minor scuffle with the TC. PI Bhojani then brandished a pistol, removed me from the booth, and attempted to force me into the vehicle. As a crowd gathered, the situation escalated. We reported the incident to the Vanthali police station and were called back to review CCTV footage. On our way, several vehicles intercepted us, and armed individuals attacked.”

Police have launched search operations involving teams from the local crime branch and the Junagadh Special Operation Group to apprehend the accused. The injured toll plaza staff members are receiving treatment at a private hospital.

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