Woman Constable Held with Notorious Bootlegger in Dramatic Liquor Smuggling Bust

A woman police constable with the Kutch East CID, Neeta Chaudhary, has been arrested by the Local Crime Branch (LCB) concerning liquor smuggling. The lady constable is said to have been involved with notorious bootlegger Yuvraj Sinh Jadeja. The incident occurred dramatically near Chopdwa Bridge, Golden Hotel in Bhachau, where police intercepted a Thar.

Chaudhary, reportedly in an inebriated state, and Jadeja tried to escape and even attempted to run over the police team with the vehicle. This provoked the police to fire in self-defense. A search of the vehicle revealed 16 bottles of liquor and two cans of beer. Both the accused have been charged under sections of the Indian Penal Code regarding attempted murder and the Prohibition Act.

Neeta Chaudhary

During a routine check, the LCB team signaled to stop a white Thar jeep coming from Samkhiyali to Gandhidham. But these two accused increased the speed and rammed to and over the police vehicles, an i20 and a Fortuner, leaving no other option for the officers to protect themselves. After the search, offences against both were registered, but the FIR did not mention the post of Neeta Chaudhary as a CID Crime officer. Neeta Chaudhary has already been suspended on previous occasions for her controversial activities, including the making of dance videos in her police uniform, in spite of departmental orders prohibiting such acts. Yuvraj Sinh Jadeja is a notorious bootlegger with 16 prior cases, including an attempt to murder.

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