Rahul Gandhi In Ahmedabad: ‘We Will Overcome BJP In Gujarat Like We Did In Ayodhya’

In a fervent address to party workers in Ahmedabad, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi asserted that the INDIA bloc is poised to emerge victorious over the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Gujarat, drawing parallels to the party’s recent successes. Highlighting a popular adage, “comebacks should always be strong, no matter how much time or energy is taken.” Gandhi, who recently faced setbacks including the loss of his title and MP position due to a defamation case, emphasized unity and resilience.

“Together we are going to defeat them in Gujarat. We will defeat Narendra Modi and BJP in Gujarat just like we defeated them in Ayodhya,” he declared, signaling confidence in the party’s strategy and grassroots support.

The Congress leader pointed out the discontent in Ayodhya, where he claimed the BJP lost favor due to several grievances. “The farmers of Ayodhya lost their land when the airport was built. The people of Ayodhya were upset that no one from Ayodhya was invited to the inauguration of the Ram Temple,” Gandhi stated. He further accused the Modi government of failing to compensate those affected by the land acquisitions and criticized the exclusion of local residents from significant events.

Gandhi also recounted the BJP’s perceived failures, saying, “The movement which was started by Advani Ji, whose centre was Ayodhya, INDIA Alliance has defeated that movement in Ayodhya.” He added that prominent industrialists were present at the Ram Temple inauguration, but ordinary citizens were conspicuously absent.

Addressing recent clashes between Congress and BJP workers outside the Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) office, Gandhi condemned the violence and urged his supporters to remain steadfast. “Now you should not be afraid of anyone nor should you be scared of anyone. They have challenged us by vandalising our office. The challenge is to defeat them in Gujarat,” he proclaimed.

During his visit to Gujarat, Gandhi plans to meet with families affected by recent tragedies, including the Rajkot game zone fire, the Vadodara boat capsize, and the Morbi bridge collapse. A party leader stated that he will offer condolences to the victims’ families and also visit those of five Congress workers arrested following a violent clash with BJP members.

The confrontation, which occurred on Tuesday, was sparked by protests against Gandhi’s alleged “anti-Hindu” remarks. The incident escalated to stone pelting, resulting in injuries to seven individuals, including three police officers. Ellisbridge police have since filed two FIRs, one against approximately 450 workers from both parties and another specifically against Congress workers based on a complaint by the BJP’s youth wing.

Gandhi’s visit underscores the Congress’s determination to challenge the BJP in Gujarat, with hopes of replicating their success in Ayodhya in the upcoming elections.

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