Tragic Collapse in Surat: Seven Dead as Five-Storey Building Falls

In a tragic incident, a five-storey building in the Paligam area of Sachin, Surat, collapsed on Saturday, July 6, at around 2:30 PM. The collapse has resulted in the deaths of seven individuals, with rescue operations continuing from Saturday afternoon until this morning.

The building, constructed in 2017, suddenly gave way, causing panic among locals who initially feared an earthquake. The fire brigade launched Immediate rescue efforts, with several people trapped under the debris.

Confirmed Casualties:

1. Hiramdi Bambholi Kevat, 40, from Parsi, Date Majoli, Madhya Pradesh

2. Abhishek, 35, from Majoli, Date Majoli, Madhya Pradesh

3. Vrajesh Hiralal God, 50, from Un Nagar, Udhana, Surat

4. Shivpujan Shokhilal Kevat, 26, from Diadol, Majoli, Madhya Pradesh

5. Anmol alias Sahil Shaligram Chamar, 17, from Dhorarfooti, Runan, Uttar Pradesh

6. Parvej Shokhilal Kevat, 21, from Diadol, Majoli, Madhya Pradesh

7. Lalji Bambholi Kevat, 40, from Parsi, Majoli, Madhya Pradesh

Rescue Operation Timeline:

9:10 PM (Saturday): First body recovered

11:50 PM: Second body recovered

Early Morning (Sunday): Three bodies were recovered between 4:00 and 4:45 AM

5:10 AM: The final two bodies recovered

The rescue efforts, led by Divisional Fire Officer Krishna Mohe, were hampered by narrow roads, making it challenging for heavy machinery like JCBs to reach the site. Despite these obstacles, the fire department, the NDRF, and the Gujarat Disaster Management team worked tirelessly to search for survivors using live detectors and cameras.

Woman Rescued Alive from Rubble

Senior officials, including Commissioner of Police Anupam Singh Gehlot and Collector Saurabh Parghi, supervised the rescue operations throughout the night.

The collapse of the relatively new building has sparked concerns and an investigation into the construction quality and structural integrity of similar structures in the area.

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