Jain Community Protests Lead to Rapid Reinstallation of Tirthankar Statues at Pavagadh

The removal of Jain Tirthankar statues from the steps of the Pavagadh pilgrimage site triggered widespread protests across Gujarat, notably in Halol, Vadodara, and Surat. The Jain community expressed significant outrage, leading to a swift response from the state government. Following an order from the state authorities, a meeting was convened with district officials, including the district police chief, to address the issue. Consequently, the process of reinstalling the statues began promptly.

In cities like Surat and Vadodara, community leaders voiced their discontent. In Surat, Viragchandra Maharaj emphasized the community’s frustration, stating, “We are a note bank, not a vote bank, hence our plea. It’s imperative to ensure that our grievances are addressed promptly.”

The Halol Jain community took immediate action by filing a petition with the Pavagadh Police late at night, demanding the reinstatement of the statues. A large contingent of Jain youths and leaders gathered at the police station, prompting district police chief Himanshu Solanki to assure them that the statues would be reinstalled within two days. This assurance brought a sense of hope to the community.

The following morning, numerous Jain youths visited the Pavagadh temple to witness the reinstatement. Concurrently, an important meeting took place involving key district officials, including District Development Officer and Acting Collector D.K. Baria, District Police Chief Himanshu Solanki, Halol MLA Pranav Vithani, temple trust representatives, and Jain community leaders. The consensus reached at this meeting led to the decision to restore the statues to their original location.

The state government directed and coordinated the district authorities to reinstall the statues immediately, ending the controversy and appeasing the Jain community.

Acting Collector D.K. Baria confirmed, “A meeting with the administration, temple trust, and Jain community leaders led to the reinstatement of the removed Tirthankara statues on the old steps leading to the Pavagadh temple.”

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