Fake Hospital Uncovered in Ahmedabad Following Series of Fraudulent Institutions

Recently, Gujarat has seen revelations of fake government offices, fake officials, and even fake schools. Ahmedabad has been added to the list by discovering a fake hospital operating in Bavla. This follows the unearthing of a fake school in Ahmedabad just last week.

In Bavla’s Kerala village, a fake multi-specialty hospital named Ananya was found operating out of two shops. The hospital came under scrutiny after the death of a minor during treatment, which led to a viral video exposing the fraudulent operations. Despite running for two months, the local health department was unaware and had not taken action.

The hospital had departments for orthopedics, gynecology, surgery, and seven other specialties, all without proper medical oversight. Ahmedabad District Health Officer Shailesh Parmar reported that the hospital was run by Mehul Chavda, a non-medical individual. Upon investigation, it was found that the staff was unaware of the hospital’s illegal status and did not even know who the doctors were. No doctor’s name or address was recorded in any files, risking patients’ lives.

After discovering these severe breaches, authorities have sealed Ananya Multi-Specialty Hospital to prevent further endangerment of patients.

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