Indian Grads: Data Wizards by Day, Dishwashers by Night

Canada’s dwindling job market has forced many Indian graduates to rely heavily on side hustles for survival. While it is common for younger individuals to supplement their income by working at fast food joints or grocery stores, these part-time gigs have increasingly become the primary source of income for many, particularly among desi graduates in Canada.

A recent recruitment drive at a local café in Toronto, Canada, highlighted the severity of the situation, attracting over 250 candidates for a single server position. Armed with degrees in data analytics and computer science, many of these applicants found themselves in a long, fruitless search for jobs in their respective fields, pushing them to seek work in restaurants, cafes, and food chains.

One 24-year-old graduate, holding a master’s in business analytics from Toronto, recounted waiting in line for nearly three hours with two friends for a café job that ultimately went to someone else. Despite spending between ₹30 lakh and ₹50 lakh on their master’s degrees, they have been job hunting for over six months with no success.

V Aakash Rao from Hyderabad, with a master’s degree in data science, shared his struggle of juggling multiple odd jobs to make ends meet. He expressed frustration over the seeming worthlessness of his degree as he works long hours delivering food. This sentiment is echoed by many Indian graduates facing similar predicaments.

Another Khammam graduate with two postgraduate diplomas now works at a restaurant. They feel that their dignity and self-respect have taken a hit due to the lack of job opportunities. The bleak employment prospects have led many Indian graduates to contemplate returning to their home country.

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This story was taken from a syndicated feed, and edited only by The Maadhyam Digital Staff

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