Hidden Treasure Found in Bhuj Office: Rifled Guns and Artifacts from Rajshahi Era Discovered

In an unexpected turn of events, staff at the District Home Guard Commandant’s office in Bhuj stumbled upon a hidden treasure on June 26th. An old trunk, used for years as a table, revealed a trove of historical items, including rifled guns from the Rajshahi era. The trunk, measuring 2.5 by 6 feet, had been sitting unnoticed in the office, its true contents unknown.

The discovery unfolded like a scene from a storybook. The office, housed in a building that once served as a mint during the monarchy, became the site of this remarkable find. The trunk, incredibly heavy and long assumed empty or filled with junk, was finally opened to reveal its valuable contents. Inside, officials found ancient artifacts, the estimated value remains unknown but is presumed to be significant.

Several rifled guns, likely from the Rajshahi period, were uncovered alongside other relics. Surprised by the find, the office staff immediately reported the discovery to higher authorities, including the Mamlatdar and the Circle Officer. The items were carefully cataloged and deposited into the government treasury for further examination.

The building, a fortress-like structure dating back to ancient times, has a storied history. It has served various roles, from a Mamlatdar office to a treasury. The old trunk, or “patara,” has been used as a makeshift table, even serving as a stand during Ganeshotsav celebrations.

This discovery sheds light on the rich history embedded in the region. The Archaeological Department, which has initiated an investigation, is assessing the origins and historical value of the items. Preliminary evaluations suggest that the artifacts may date back to the 18th or 19th centuries, with some possibly being even older.

The find has sparked considerable interest and speculation about the history and provenance of the items. Local authorities have ensured the artifacts are preserved and studied, potentially offering new insights into the region’s past.

As the investigation continues, the once-overlooked trunk has transformed from an old piece of furniture into a significant historical discovery, capturing the imagination of those who uncovered its secrets.

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