Harmony Heals: Discover Music Therapy’s Benefits

Music has always been a profound medium through which one can connect with one’s soul and find inner peace. Its remarkable ability to heal extends beyond the conscious mind, reaching deep into the subconscious to mend what is broken and disordered. Incredibly, music has also shown promise in addressing previously untreatable conditions. It offers a stress-free life to many and opens up a world of experiences for autistic children and adults, allowing them to engage in life’s simple pleasures.

As a passionate enthusiast, I was fascinated by its healing properties and embarked on a journey to understand its therapeutic effects. My conversation with Dr. Kalrav Mistry shed light on the intricacies of Sound and Music Therapy. He explained how different frequencies, amplitudes, loudness levels, and bass tones are used in psychological treatment.

Dr. Mistry highlighted that while only 30-40% of autistic children respond significantly to music therapy, the therapy still provides immense benefits to those who don’t show a strong response. It helps them lead lives without stress and anxiety, promoting happiness. Music therapy operates in four stages, beginning with the receptive phase, a trial period to determine the child’s tolerance to different frequencies. The second stage involves recreating activity, where the child reproduces music to enhance listening and motor skills. This is followed by the composition stage, which encourages the child to create music to express emotions and creativity. Finally, the improvement stage focuses on observing and assessing the child’s progress in emotional, social, and cognitive development through music therapy.

A prime example of this therapy is the drum circle. To most, it is a fun activity that soothes the mind from everyday stress, depression, and anxiety. However, in a therapeutic context, music therapy sessions typically last from 4 to 8 hours, depending on the severity of the case. These sessions are tailored to provide deep, personalized healing experiences.

Drum Circle

Through this therapeutic journey, the true magic of music is unveiled, proving that it can heal, transform, and enrich lives in ways once thought impossible. Whether through structured therapy sessions or casual engagements like drum circles, this therapeutic power continues to inspire and offer hope to many.

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