Gujarat High Officials Under Fire: Allegations of Misconduct and Brutality

For a long time, there have been mounting complaints about the unscrupulous behavior of officials in Gujarat, particularly high-ranking ones like IPS and IAS officers. Allegations have surfaced that these officials, avoiding accountability, treat the public unjustly. This issue, once whispered about, has now come to light, with even the Chief Minister publicly acknowledging it. In Sarsa village of Anand, the Chief Minister remarked that approaching the Collector’s office was essential as the officials had become untouchable, indicating the severity of the situation.

A glaring example is Patan’s SP Ravindra Patel, who faces three High Court applications accusing him of severe misconduct, including beating a constable, abetting a farmer’s suicide by supporting corrupt elements and assaulting a citizen. An Ahmedabad businessman has lodged a complaint against Patel and four police officers in the High Court, prompting an investigation by the Ahmedabad Crime Branch following severe criticism from the court.

One case involves a head constable who accused SP Patel of physical assault and threats after he exposed a scam related to the repair of his government-allocated house. Despite the High Court’s directive, the police department has shown reluctance to act against Patel, leading to further legal action. 

In another case, a Patan farmer, harassed by anti-social elements and denied police support, committed suicide. His family’s efforts to seek justice revealed police inaction and alleged political cover-ups, resulting in another pending High Court case.

The Ahmedabad Crime Branch is now investigating these serious allegations against IPS officer Ravindra Patel, with a report due in the High Court by July 13. The outcome of these investigations could mark a significant turning point in addressing police misconduct and restoring public trust in Gujarat’s law enforcement.

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