Technical Glitch Delays SpiceJet Flight Passengers at Ahmedabad Airport

Passengers on the SpiceJet flight from Jaipur to Ahmedabad experienced an unusual delay when the aircraft’s main door failed to open upon landing at Ahmedabad airport on Saturday morning. The plane, carrying 76 passengers, including the captain, landed at 8 am, but the automatic door did not function, leaving everyone on board.

After multiple unsuccessful attempts by the crew to open the door, the ground staff and technical team were alerted. Passengers who had already stood up to disembark were asked to return to their seats while technicians manually opened the door by unscrewing it from the outside, which took about 45 minutes.

The SpiceJet flight, an 89-seater Bombardier Q-400 series with a single passenger door, did not have an emergency exit option, so all passengers were forced to remain onboard until the door was finally opened. Following this, the aircraft was grounded for repairs.

The disruption caused a ripple effect on subsequent flights. Seventy passengers en route from Ahmedabad to Mumbai were delayed as the aircraft underwent repairs. After a seven-hour delay, it was eventually redeployed to Kandla. The 1 p.m. flight from Ahmedabad to Delhi was delayed by four hours, departing at 5 p.m., while the 7 p.m. flight to Jaipur faced an eight-hour delay, leaving late at night.

These delays caused confusion and inconvenience for passengers on connecting flights to Mumbai and Delhi, highlighting the impact of technical issues on airline operations and schedules.

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