Fire Incident at Rajkot TRP Gamezone Sparks Major Controversy

A fire incident at the Rajkot TRP Gamezone has sent shockwaves across Saurashtra. This popular gaming venue, operational since 2021, has drawn visitors from all over the region, including notable cricketers. Videos have recently surfaced showing cricketers Shreyas Iyer, Aman Khan, Sairaj Patil, Shams Mulani, Hardik Tomar, and Suryansh Prashant enjoying various games at the Gamezone in 2022. The circumstances surrounding their visit have raised significant questions, particularly regarding who facilitated their appearance at the now-controversial venue.

Rajkot TRP Gamezone, which tragically caught fire on May 25, 2024, resulting in 27 fatalities, has been revealed to be operating without proper authorization. This discovery has prompted serious inquiries into the management’s practices, including allegations of attracting visitors by hosting celebrity appearances. The involvement of six cricketers in promotional activities at the Gamezone during 2022 is under scrutiny, with investigators seeking to determine whether these visits were orchestrated as part of a promotional strategy or occurred independently.

Three videos show the cricketers engaged in various games at the TRP Gamezone. These videos highlight the presence of Shreyas Iyer, Aman Khan, Sairaj Patil, Shams Mulani, Hardik Tomar, and Suryansh Prashant. The identity of the individuals who accompanied the cricketers or arranged their visits remains a critical question for investigators.

The fire at the TRP Gamezone on May 25 was reportedly caused by welding work, leading to the death of 27 individuals. Following this tragedy, it was uncovered that the Gamezone lacked essential fire safety measures and construction permits. Authorities have since arrested 12 individuals, including officers and administrators associated with the Gamezone. While 11 accused are currently held in Rajkot Central Jail, one individual, Mansukh Sagathia, is under remand for further questioning.

The investigation continues as authorities delve deeper into the TRP Gamezone’s operations and the circumstances surrounding cricketers’ high-profile visits.

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