Lady Constable Neeta Chaudhary Caught With Liquor In Kutch, Raises Questions on Gujarat’s Prohibition Policy. Who Is She?

The recent arrest of lady police constable Neeta Chaudhary has raised serious questions about the effectiveness of Gujarat’s prohibition policy. Chaudhary, a CID Crime constable stationed in Gandhidham, Kutch, was caught transporting liquor with a known bootlegger, Yuvraj Singh.

The arrest took place on the last sunday night after Bhachau police received a tip-off about a white Thar vehicle being used to transport liquor. Acting swiftly, the police located the vehicle near Chopadva. Upon approaching the car, the police found Neeta Chaudhary and Yuvraj Singh inside, with Chaudhary consuming alcohol. When the police tried to intercept, the driver attempted to flee, forcing the officers to fire at the vehicle to bring it to a halt.

The subsequent search of the vehicle revealed several liquor bottles. Both Chaudhary and Singh were arrested. According to DYSP Sagar Sambada of Bhachau division, the Thar car and the illicit liquor have been seized, and charges including attempted murder of police officers and illegal transportation of liquor have been filed against the duo.

The arrest of a police officer involved in bootlegging activities has cast a shadow on the state’s prohibition policy, leading to demand for stricter enforcement. The authorities have vowed to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter.

Background of Neeta Chaudhary

Neeta Chaudhary is no stranger to controversy. Previously, she gained attention after a video of her flying in a helicopter surfaced online. With a significant following on Instagram, Chaudhary is known for her lavish lifestyle, often sharing photos and videos that depict her opulent way of living.

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