‘My election expenses have been taken by the people’: Ganiben said in the public meeting – ‘During the campaign, not a single day has passed without a contribution of one lakh to one and a half lakh.’

‘My election expenses have been taken by the people’: Ganiben said in the public meeting – ‘During the campaign, not a single day has passed without a contribution of one lakh to one and a half lakh’.

During the public meeting of Banaskantha Congress candidate Ganiben Thakor, many people are seen helping Yathashakti. Fifty-one thousand were helped by a woman in a program today. Ganiban had said in the public meeting that the people had taken my election expenses. Not a single day of campaigning went by without contributing one lakh to one and a half lakh rupees. Along with cash, GaniBen also offers online help.

Khadosan women helped 51 thousand.
BJP and Congress have fielded women candidates for the Banaskantha seat. Both the candidates are currently campaigning among the people. People have also been seen giving financial help to Congress candidate Ganiben Thakor during his campaign. During a meeting held in Khadosan, a woman helped Ganiben with 51 thousand rupees.

’50 lakh contribution estimated during the election process.’
Ganiben said that the people have taken their election expenses. In the campaign, the people of Adhaar Varna said that all the arrangements, including mandap, mike, tea, and water, are being made. During the campaign, not a single day passed when one lakh-one and a half lakhs were not contributed. This time, the election is long, so if you count lakhs and lakhs of rupees per day, then only 50 lakhs of rupees should be counted as contributions.

‘People have also taken up the expenses of the day of filling the form.’
He said that on the day of going to fill out the form, expenses are incurred, food arrangements have to be made, and mandap arrangements have to be made. All the people have also taken up the expense of 25-30 lakhs in advance.

Ask for help with UPI and QR code.
After announcing himself as a candidate for the Banaskantha seat, Ganiben asked the people of the constituency for a minimum of Rs 11. A UPI number and a QR code were also created by Ganiben for people to help online.

A Lok Sabha candidate can spend up to 95 lakhs.
A candidate has to spend lakhs of rupees to contest the Lok Sabha elections. An expenditure limit of 95 lakhs has been fixed for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. After the completion of the election campaign, the details of the expenses incurred by the candidate have to be submitted before the Election Commission.

Congress candidate for Banaskantha Lok Sabha seat Ganibhan Thakor is campaigning aggressively. Ganibhan is seen attacking the BJP during his meeting. Even today, Ganibhan Thakore has challenged the BJP. I am ready to contest the election from the angle from which the BJP wants to contest the election. On the day of the result, all the BJP gaps will be removed.

Both the BJP and the Congress have fielded women candidates for the Banaskantha seat for the Lok Sabha elections. BJP Dr. Rekhaben Chowdhury, while Ganiben Thakor is contesting from Congress. Meanwhile, Congress candidate Ganiben Thakore has challenged the BJP from the public platform to win the Lok Sabha elections. Geniben Thakor said I am ready to contest the election from the angle the Bharatiya Janata Party wants to contest. Suppose you have such a big gap, like tit for tat. Along with this, Ganiben Thakor’s behavior is becoming more aggressive day by day.

Ganiben Thakore reached Mataji’s Ramel at Salpur, Deodar yesterday (Thursday). Where he said, ‘Chaitra month is called the month of goddesses. As you are all connected with faith, I pray to Mataji that you get blessings from Mataji and that you all progress further. May Mata ji bless you all, and may you and Bhuwaji bless me; I request Bhuwaji to pray and throw coconuts in front of the house if there is smoldering house dust.’

Another statement by Ganiben Thakor on the police
Congress candidate Ganiben Thakore stirred the public by making another statement about the police. Ganiben said that a case was filed against a person from Sanaviya village two years ago, and if he was arrested a week ago, why was he not arrested for two years? But during this election, Tane wants to suppress Thakor society. The police want to deploy rofe and suppress. Gulabbhai and Thakarsinh Bhai’s turn will still come, and I say, on behalf of all, bring my turn, and then the people will fight the election. The right to democracy is strangled.

Such a system may not exist anywhere in Ganiben, Gujarat.
Ganiben Thakor, a Congress candidate from Banaskantha, gave his statement in Garh village and said that before the election, the BJP was talking about a lead of 5 lakhs on each seat and giving speeches. As we have changed the entire system in Banaskantha after the candidates are decided, such a system may not exist anywhere in Gujarat. Now, they don’t trust the 20 lakh voters of Banaskantha who find it hard to win. So, the voters of Vadgam of Lok Sabha are canceling such a poll and bringing it to Palanpur and Bhabhar of Radhanpur.

On one side is people power, and on the other side is money power: Ganiben
Geniben Thakor further said that BJP’s claims of 5 lakh lead are hollow if voters have to be brought from outside. On the one hand, it is people’s power, and on the other hand, it is money’s power. If money buys democracy, then both Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani can buy 542 seats together. He said that I did not want to contest the Lok Sabha elections, but Kirit Patel told me that I have to contest elections when the party is in conflict. I said that I didn’t have money even to pay the deposit, so I said no problem, we are sitting. I don’t know if they are sitting or not, but people don’t spend money with me.

The youth of the Patidar community have been falsely accused: Ganiben
Ganiben Thakor said that many sons of our society, too

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